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There’s nothing better than spending a hot day lounging by your custom pool. You’ll feel peaceful and truly at home when you have a refreshing pool to call your own.


In Fairview, Texas, the weather is unbearably hot during the summertime. It can be difficult to be comfortable when the sun is beating down on you. There’s an alternative to being miserable when the temperatures start climbing, though.


Our Custom Pools


At Hopkins Custom Pools, our swimming pools for residents of Fairview TX can help you enjoy the summertime just as much as you do more mild weather. Our experts can bring the comfort of the indoors outside, finally.


Remodeled Pools


Already have a pool but don’t feel inspired to jump in the water every day? It may be time for a remodel. Your current pool can be fixed and upgraded so that you’ll look forward to swimming and playing in it every day.


Outdoor Fun with Indoor Style


Your fully customized pool can be used all year long in Fairview, TX. In addition to the pool of your dreams, you can add on other customizations, like an outdoor kitchen, a patio or a fireplace. Instead of simply having a pool installed, let us create an entire outdoor living space for you and your family. Make the exterior of your home a true haven.


Contact us for an estimate and let us show you how you can enjoy the outdoors as much as you do the comfort of your home.