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Luxury Water Features by Hopkins Custom Pools

Every water feature we build is fully tailored to fit your needs.

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Accent the atmosphere & serenity of your pool and outdoor living.

Working closely with you to bring water features that enhance the experience of your pool and outdoor living area. We're open to every idea and offer our suggestions as well. Offering a wide variety of projects in our portfolio, we can add water features to your pool you'll wonder how you lived without.


Add water features that make your pool and outdoor area stand out from the rest with a truly unique way to get away.

Styles of Water Features

Waterfalls and water features can add a serene, relaxing ambiance to your backyard oasis. The sound of water gently falling over the rocks can be very soothing and enjoyable – not to mention a beautiful addition to your pool. Small or large waterfalls from natural rock to faux rocks enhance a natural mood that really takes you away.


• Water Falls

• Fountains

• Slides

• Water Jets



and more, it's all up to you!

Check out our Gallery to view our water features



Creating your backyard getaway

Let your imagination be the guide. We also offer prefab waterfalls that are quickly and easily installed…yet they are very real looking. Water features such as sheer descents and fountains can also be retrofit into your existing pool.


• Install into your existing pool quickly

• Endless customization and features available


View Our Pool Process in detail to learn more



Water Features with expert care

Our dedicated team of professionals helps you achieve not only the look you want your new water features to provide but the feeling as well. What kind of sounds would you like your new water features to create? How should it look at night with the pool lights glimmering on the water? Achieving your custom backyard paradise is what drives us.


What mood do you want your water features to create? Let us know and we can choose the water features just right for you.

Hopkins Custom Pools Water Features
Enhance the mood of your pool.

We'll grab our snorkel and see you soon!

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