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Our pool process makes sure your pool is built just how we discussed and built to last for you and your family.

Here at Hopkins Custom Pools, we work closely with you to design and build the pool you've always wanted. We're open to every idea and offer our suggestions as well. Offering a wide variety of projects in our portfolio, we have every kind of pool to spark your ideas.

1. Planning


Learning about your dream pool and then designing how it will be in your very own backyard.

2. Pre-excavation


The pool layout is marked onto the ground to plan for digging.

3. Excavation

The dirt is then removed.

4. Forms and plumbing


Wooden forms and plumbing (for in-floor cleaning) constructions starts.

5. Steel Frame


A rigid steel frame is now constructed

6. Plumbing


Plumbing is installed behind the steel framework, this ensures there is plenty of water flow.

7. Concrete shell


Concrete is now applied onto the steel frame.

8. Gunite


This water and sand mixture allows for easy building of your dream pool.

9. Tile and coping


Now your pool starts to take shape as materials are aligned and cut to fit the shape of your pool.

10. Electrical


Installing the wiring that works the controls, heaters, lights, pumps, and timeclocks.

11. Code plumbing


Required for pool heaters, a trench is dug from your existing gas meter to the pool heater.

12. Deck preparation


The forms now are laid while the ground is prepped for your new deck.

13. Additional features


Other features, such as this outdoor cabana, are constructed during the pool project.

14. Deck installation


The paver decking is installed by pouring. Expansion joints are then placed.

15. Clean Up


We make sure all debris, dirt, and sand are removed from your yard and swimming pool area.

16. Completion


Grab the sun tan lotion and your snorkel, your new custom pool is ready for a dip!


Every custom pool is unique.

If you have a question about a step in our pool process, contact us.

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