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Luxury Custom Pools by Hopkins Custom Pools

Every custom pool we build is fully tailored to fit your needs.

Custom Design Pool by Hopkins Custom Pools

We work closely with you to design and build the pool you've always wanted. We're open to every idea and offer our suggestions as well from our wide variety of projects in our portfolio.


No matter what your dream pool consists of, we are eager to bring it to life with our custom features and quality service.

Styles of Pools

Our pools cover every component and style you can think of. From a natural looking pool surrounded by stones and rocks to a curvy pool with sloping sides. Even geometric and angled pools are possible, it's all up to you and it's always custom tailored to fit your style.


• Natural stone and rocks

• Curvey and sloping

• Geometric and angled


and more, it's all up to you!

Check out our Gallery to view our many styles.



Our Process & Materials

We have been building custom pools for our DFW neighbors for many years, perfecting our process to make sure it is done correctly, on time, and on budget. Our materials also come from experience, we know which materials will benefit your custom pool aesthetically and structurally so you have a beautiful pool that lasts and is easily cleaned and maintained. You are informed all throughout our process and made aware of all completions and upcoming tasks. Our step by step includes:


Planning your design

• Excavation


• Plumbing

• Steel frame

• Tiling

• Electrical

• Deck preparations

Pool Coping

View Our Pool Process in detail to learn more. Be sure to take care of your new pool by reading our Pool Chemistry 101 guide. Check out our resources on why your swimming pool is safe from COVID-19.



Built for you and your Activities

Building your custom pool is more than just how it looks, you want a pool where you can do what you want in it. Do you like to exercise by doing laps? Have small children that like to splash around? Have a few cannonballs to show off? Our pools can be built for many activities and people to enjoy.


Small children

• Adults

• Seniors

• Exercising

• Pool sports

• Diving


What activity do you enjoy most in the pool? Let us know and we can build a pool just for it!

Take the first step into your new pool with our free estimate.

We'll grab our floaties and see you soon!

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