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Add a Spa to Your Custom Swimming Pool Design

In Texas, your backyard is always the perfect place to kick back, relax, and enjoy some much-needed water therapy. For homeowners who already have a custom pool in their backyard, adding a custom spa pool extends on your existing backyard oasis.

When the days get colder, playing in your full-size swimming pool (even if heated) doesn't always sound that fun, especially when it's time to get out. But when you're talking about enjoying a soak in a jetted spa tub, the story changes fast!

A custom spa offers owners a host of benefits. Unlike traditional swimming pools that typically maintain temperatures between 77 and 82 degrees, hot tub spas are kept warmer - between 100 to 102 degrees, ideally. Having a hot tub spa in your custom pool area offers options for year-round enjoyment.

Soothe Aching Muscles And Joints - Soaking in a spacious, jetted outdoor spa helps to minimize some of the discomfort associated with achy joints and muscles. This custom amenity is perfect for people who participate in sports, are on their feet all day, who suffer from stiffness, or have arthritis.

Increase Circulation - During the colder months of the year, sometimes it feels hard to get your blood pumping. Using a jet spa regularly can help to improve circulation.

Lose Weight Without The Workout - If you've ever dreamed of losing weight without all of the hard work, soaking in a hot jetted tub can help you burn a few extra calories while you relax.

When using your outdoor spa during the colder seasons, you want to make sure you have everything you need to enter and exit the spa close at hand. Keeping safety and health in mind, wearing treaded rubber shoes or slides keeps your bare feet away from cold, frozen, or slippery pavement. Having a fluffy bathrobe or a full bath towel to wrap up in when you make your dash back inside keeps you protected from the elements.

To avoid potential health issues and risks, the temperature of your spa should never go over 104 degrees. If you are unsure of the water temps, use a pool thermometer for an accurate reading. Temperatures at or above 104 can contribute to feeling lightheaded, suffering from heatstroke, or falling asleep, which poses a drowning hazard.

When soaking in colder weather, consider wearing a hat or cap to keep your head warm while you soak, and always keep your session to no more than 15 minutes.

Call The Expert Pool Builder In Rockwall, Texas

If you're interested in extending your existing pool area, or you want to add a new pool to your home, call the pool installation experts at Hopkins Custom Pools today! We're here to help you turn your backyard into your personal oasis.


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