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Tips For First-Time Pool Owners

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Whether you recently purchased an existing home with a swimming pool or you've just had a custom pool installed at your home, there is a bit of a learning curve as a first-time pool owner.

To help you gain essential insights on caring for and maintaining your pool, here are some helpful tips from Hopkins Custom Pools, a respected custom pool builder serving clients in Rockwall, Texas.

Keep And Read Your Paperwork - To better understand your pool equipment, read all applicable manuals and guides for care, and use recommendations. Your paperwork should also include specifics about keeping your water fresh and pH balanced, so it's in prime condition.

Maintain A Cleaning Schedule - Ideally, new pool owners should aim to clean small and large debris with daily pool maintenance.

Leaves, limbs, and other debris allowed to break down in the pool water detract from the beauty and affect the pool's pH balance.

Further, they can block filters or clog drains that play an essential role in your pool's safe operation. If needed, invest in a robotic pool cleaner to vacuum and clean on your behalf.

Refresh Your Pool Safety Protocols - Owning a swimming pool is a tremendous responsibility. For the sake of safety, getting certified in CPR can prove helpful in emergencies.

Never allow children (or pets) to swim without proper adult supervision or run around the pool deck. By doing so, you can help to avoid trip and fall accidents around the poolside. Other behavior, such as pushing or shoving, shouldn't be allowed. Learn more about pool safety for children.

Adults under the influence of drugs or high-levels of alcohol should avoid using a swimming pool, as this can prove to be a deadly combination, and a problem no new pool owner would want to occur under their watch.

If you haven't already purchased, pool accessories worth investing in include a first-aid kit, kickboards, poles, life preservers, and a sign with all your pool rules.

Create An Emergency Pool Expense Fund - There is never an ideal time to have to pay for a pool repair, but if you already have money set aside to pay for it, it doesn't seem so bothersome. By creating an emergency pool expense fund, you're taking steps to prepare for the rainy day.

Rockwall Texas Custom Pool Builders

Hopkins Custom Pools has decades of experience creating custom poolscapes for residential clients throughout the Rockwall, Texas area.

We provide an extensive range of pool care services to help everyone, from first-time pool owners to those with years of experience owning a swimming pool.

We hope you find our suggestions for first-time pool owners helpful. If you need anything else to make pool ownership in the Rockwall, Texas more manageable, please reach out today.


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