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10 Essential Features Every Dream Pool Should Have

Having a pool is more than just a place to keep cool or play on a hot summer's day. It becomes a luxurious oasis when designed and built with your family and home in mind. Custom pools enhance your outdoor living space, increase your property value, and provide your family and friends with hours of fun and relaxation.

If you want to build a pool for your home, why not make it a custom pool? You will be able to work with our dedicated team of designers to build a pool that fits the design of your home architecturally and with all of the features that your family and friends will enjoy all summer long. Designing a custom pool isn't just about the shape of the pool or the water features it can provide, but it's the little things you forget that make it paradise.

Things like lighting in and around the pool, slip-resistant decking, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens take your dream pool to the next level of comfort and luxury. Looking through our pool gallery can inspire you for your top wish list items on your dream pool that we can bring to reality in your backyard.

Custom Designs

Building a pool in your backyard can be more than just digging a rectangular hole in the ground and calling it a day. You can work with our design team to look through not only all the different shapes of pools but also the different materials available for the design. Working with an experienced pool builder means they will listen to your ideas and bring their recommendations and experience to the project.

For a free estimate on your next pool design contact Hopkins Custom Pools. The pool's overall shape is the first thing that will be discussed. There are many pool shapes that you can consider, but first, the builder will look into the size of your backyard and shape then they will help you bring the style elements and activities to life.

This will consider your personal style and your home's architecture with the build. The biggest benefit of this custom design choice is that it will immensely increase your home's value. Pools come in all shapes and sizes, but with a custom design, you are not limited in shape, feature, or activity, just your imagination.

Water Features

When it's time to design your pool, the first thing that comes to mind is the fun part: all of the amazing water features you can put in to enjoy. Hot tubs, slides, waterfalls, or a diving board is where all of the fun and adventures begin in your dream pool's design. When looking for water features, you need to consider the atmosphere of your pool, how you want to enjoy your pool, and who will be enjoying your pool.

If you want a relaxing atmosphere for adults, consider a rocky waterfall feature that can add a soothing element while creating a stunning visual display. Hot tubs and spas will provide a warm and romantic atmosphere to enjoy in the evening. Look at our exciting additions if you want something more family-friendly or adventurous.

Adding a slide to your pool can bring hours of tiring fun to any kiddos who come to play or even the excitement of a diving board for the more adventurous swimmers. Adding a sun shelf is the perfect shallow area for sunbathing or could even be designed as a toddler area. A shallow sun shelf area with bubblers, a fountain, or fun lighting makes the perfect safe splash pad for littles.

More Than Water Features

After the amazing water features are dreamed up and chosen for your design, you need to consider some additional elements that bring your design to the next level. Including lighting in the design of your pool, and around your pool, will enhance your pool's aesthetic appeal and create a dramatic nighttime ambiance. Decking materials are some of the last things to consider when designing your pool.

Still, they can provide another level of pool safety. Anti-slip options for decking can mitigate falls or even accidental slips into the water. Alternative decking materials can make it easier to maintain the deck and make it more durable for years. Installing a pool heater will extend your pool season and make the pool more comfortable throughout the evening. One of our favorite features to add is an automatic pool cover.

Pool covers can keep debris from getting into the pool and even provide another barrier to pool safety when the pool is not in use. With an automatic cover, you don't have to do the extra work of lugging a cover out when doing lawn care or worry about how secure it is for safety reasons. This extra feature of your pool creates an ease to your pool maintenance that can't be overstated. The little things bring your pool from an outdoor space to an oasis.

Outdoor Cooking

The pool is designed with all the fun water features on your wishlist, and you're ready to dive in. You've looked into easing your pool maintenance and considered your decking and lighting, but now it's time to design your space outside the water. What shade will you have? Any place for sunbathing? What about seating arrangements?

These design elements can seem overwhelming, but with a proper design team to help create and implement them, it becomes a breeze and brings them to life. Having an outdoor kitchen will allow your family more abilities to entertain outdoors. Grills and refrigerators allow dinners to be made and popsicles at the ready, but consider an outdoor smoker or even a pizza oven!

Make pizza deliveries a thing of the past and allow the kiddos to make their pizzas with their toppings. Having an outdoor kitchen brings comfort and ease to your kitchen outdoors. Whether it's a birthday party or a romantic dinner, the oasis you've built in your backyard will feel like a dream.


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