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Need to Remodel Your Swimming Pool?

Is your swimming pool costing you too much time and money to maintain? Would you like to cut your time and cost and have a better looking and more luxurious pool? Our experts at Hopkins Custom Pools can help. We specialize in pool remodeling services that you won't be able to compare to anyone else.

Our dedicated team works alongside the customers to ensure that they get everything they want in a pool. Our desire is to make you feel like you are in paradise in your own personal backyard. We customize it the way you want and you choose all of the features.

Our pool builder and pool remodeling service include: 

  • Design modifications to shape, depth, and style

  • Custom tile, stone, brick, and masonry

  • Slides, diving boards, and exercise swim jets

  • Expert deck repairs & replacement

  • Gunite spas, pools with waterfalls, fountains, and lighting

  • Resurfacing with resilient color quartz finish and so much more.


The choice is yours how you want your swimming pool. With Hopkins Custom Pools you can renovate your backyard pool or spa to feel like a resort and you will never have to leave your own backyard to feel like your in paradise. The features and customization that you can include are endless and gorgeous to look at. You will be bragging to the neighbors and having a pool party at your house just to show it off.

Our pool builder will customize your pool to fit the style you and give the perfect look and size for your backyard. We can renovate your current swimming pool to meet your needs for anything you desire whether it be leisure, an easier kid-accessible pool or even athletics and diving. We do this by following an efficient four-step process: 

  • Capture the dream: We work with you to make sure you get the pool of your dreams by discussing all of the features and design aspects that you want in your pool.

  • Design it: We will show you a set of computer generated images of before and after photos, so you can see exactly what your pool will look like before it is built.

  • Engineer it: We will create a step by step plan for the building process according to the complexity of your custom pool design.

  • Build it: We will follow a set of steps and processes to create your dream pool. We will go through all, or most of these steps depending on your design. a. Demolition of unwanted materials (typically tile, plaster finishes and/or decking) b. "Cut-in" any new features or options (water features, In-floor cleaning, etc.) c. Install new features and finishes  d. Fill it with water and start swimming and enjoy your brand new, redesigned pool. 

Our experts at Hopkins Custom Pools will ensure that you get the pool you have always wanted and guarantee you will be satisfied with our service. We are a private family owned company out of East Texas who is dedicated to our customers and attentive to their wants and needs. Most of our employees have been with us through the years as our business has grown and we love to see the joy on someone's face when they finally see the pool that they have always wanted.

We work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want and offer many different types of swimming pools. So beat the Texas heat and enjoy the weather with your brand new backyard escape. Bring the vacation to you and cherish the memories you will make with family and friends with your newly remodeled pool. 

For more information, pictures of our beautiful projects and to get a free cost estimate visit our website at

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1 Comment

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