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Options For Your Custom Pool Design

When you have a custom swimming pool project in your future, choosing a pool builder can make your brand new pool with all the options you want spring to life.

Whether you already have swimming pool design ideas in mind or prefer the expert advice of a professional pool builder, here are some options that add beauty, distinction, and style to your outdoor oasis and custom pool construction project:

Water Features And Waterfalls

Adding water features and waterfalls helps add pizzaz and a focal point to your overall design. Waterfalls can get constructed in a variety of heights and widths. Other features such as integrated pool slides or hidden coves under the waterfall add fun!

Jetted fountains are eyecatching and an innovative way to keep your pool water fresh and oxygenated.

Other water feature options include water walls, rain curtains, and sheer descents that create the ultimate custom pool construction project.

Saltwater Swimming Pools

In recent years the demand for custom saltwater swimming pools has spiked. This increased demand stems from the fact that salt water is much gentler on the skin and hair than its chlorine counterpart.

Generally, saltwater pools require fewer chemicals to maintain. As a result, the water is less likely to irritate the eyes, turn hair green, or damage swimwear by fading.

Families who plan on spending a significant amount of their summer in the pool shouldn't overlook how these key benefits help make pool time more enjoyable.

Zero-Entry Pools

Sometimes called "beach entry," zero-entry pools gradually slope down from ground level, eventually reaching the bottom depth. In commercial applications, this type of pool is used in physical therapy since wheelchairs can safely enter the swimming pool.

This type of entrance point is excellent for a swimming shelf and sunning under partial submersion in residential applications. Additionally, this shallow entrance is perfect for splashing around with little ones and supervising kids swimming in the pool.

Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor living spaces add more value to your custom pool area. Hopkins Custom Pools, serving homeowners throughout the Rockwall, Texas area, helps create outdoor kitchens, living and entertainment spaces, fire pits, gazebos, pool houses, and deck areas that meet your needs.

Other features such as an outdoor spa, jetted tub, an endless exercise pool, or swim spa can add health and therapeutic benefits, whether rehabbing from an injury or as used in athletic conditioning and fitness.

Custom Swimming Pools Make Summer More Fun

Whatever your dream swimming pool design might be, Hopkins Custom Pools helps to become a reality! Please contact us to speak with a design architect to explore design options for your backyard and get more information on our services.


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