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Pool Maintenance and Care Tips 2023

It's almost here! The best time of the year! We're talking about Summer! It's finally warm. Everyone is out of school, eating ice cream, tanning, and ready to hit the pool.

If you're lucky enough to have your pool at your home, you should already be used to pool maintenance, but here are some more pool tips that you may need a refresher on so that you are ready for the season. However, if you are looking into getting your pool, now may be the time to start that project by looking at some custom pool pictures for inspiration.

Building Your Pool

Now owning a pool isn't all fun in the sun and splashing around for everyone. That's for the kids to enjoy, but for the grown-ups, it's about maintenance, pool safety, scheduling, and even designing. Some of the best pools out there are custom pools planned with care and families in mind.

Within the pool building process, you should think about your family at home and who will ultimately use this pool. This crucial part of the process will ensure that even if you don't have young ones at home, your friends or family who might bring young ones to enjoy your pool, they are safe and have a fun place to splash around.

A personal favorite is the kid-friendly water features! Think of a shallow area with a few jets to spray up in the air to play in or, dare we say water slide. Of course, water features can be

more than just for the kids, especially in the evening when you'd like to sit by the pool and have the water feature playing in the background.

Whether it's a waterfall or even an infinity Jacuzzi that spills over into your main pool, the best part of a custom pool is that it is truly unique and built for you. Creating an atmosphere that makes your pool experience everything it can be, from fun to luxury, can include slides, rocks, sunken lounge chairs, or even cabanas built for you to have an oasis to escape to just a few steps from your door.

Pool Tips and Care

Now that you have built this dream pool for your family, it's time to learn how to develop a cleaning schedule that also fits your family for the season. The best way to stay on top of your pool maintenance is by creating a schedule that includes everything you need to keep your

pool open when you want it to be.

Start by picking a day and a time when you can go through your pool care checklist without interruption or without anyone who shouldn't be getting near the pool chemicals.


Weekly maintenance of your pool is things that you should do every week to keep it looking fresh and ready for daily swims. Maintaining the water level in your pool is the easiest first step in this weekly list. Without the proper water level recommended halfway up your

pool skimmer, you could burn up your pump if it is too low or block your skimmer door from operating as it should.

Just like your home, you need to vacuum your pool every week. The important part of vacuuming your pool is to get your basic dirt and debris out of the pool. If left unattended, this build-up can cause algae, leading to sanitary concerns. Skimming is another weekly task for your schedule. Skimming removes that top layer of the debris your vacuum can't get.

This works best if you have an automatic vacuum that you can drop into the bottom and skim the top while the robot does the bottom. Water quality should also be added to this list, if not throughout the week, especially if you have some summer storms.

Adding that fresh water from storms or evaporation from the hot summer sun can change your pool's water quality. It's one of the most important things to maintain your pool because, without the right chemicals added to your pool, it can harbor harmful bacteria, appear murky, and even be dangerous to swim in.

Every Two Weeks

During this high-traffic summer season, ensuring you are taking the time to work on these extra pool components and checking and cleaning them is vital. You are starting with cleaning out your various collection baskets.

The pump filter basket within the clear plastic piece of your pool pump should be cleaned out. Plus, the pool's skimmer basket and the leaf basket should be cleaned out if you have them. Removing the debris from the basket and rinsing them off, so they are not clogged will help in the long run.

Scrubbing is next on this checklist. Scrubbing the sides, tiles, and steps of your pool will prevent algae from growing or building up on the sides of your pool. We recommend doing this before you vacuum so that it can be vacuumed or skimmed away after.

Once a Month or So

Beyond the daily or weekly maintenance, the more significant things can and should be done throughout the summer. The biggest thing is cleaning out the pool filters. Especially after a big storm, checking the filter is important after that fresh water comes through or as debris gets blown into your pool.

While you can maintain your pool on your own, getting it professionally serviced at least once throughout the summer and possibly at the end to prepare it for winter is a great idea. Professionals can look at your pool, and with specialized knowledge, they will know if your pool equipment needs to be serviced or if there is any extra servicing your pool needs that you can't provide.

Professional servicing can also help you prepare to close it off for the season in what is called "winterizing" your pool. This includes getting water out of the lines, covering it up to keep it safe from debris, and even one last check to maintain the water quality.

Don't Forget Your Sunscreen

Keeping your pool summer ready through a cleaning schedule will keep any major issues at bay and keep your family and friends entertained throughout the summer.

It may seem like a lot to do, but once you establish a routine, you will find that having your pool during this fun time of the year is well worth it. Keep your pool clean and safe, and have fun this summer.


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