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Protecting Your Pool From Freezing Weather

The cold weather can cause your pool to suffer damage. It can be expensive to have parts of your pool repaired or replaced. Fortunately, winterizing your pool will protect it from damage. 

Balance the Pool Chemicals

Your pool builder will recommend that you keep the chemicals in your pool balanced. You should check the water before the first freeze comes. Make the necessary adjustments in the chemicals so that you can keep the PH stable. You do not have to use as much chlorine during the winter as you do during the summer. You will also need to make sure to keep the water at the proper level. 

Keep the Pool Water Running 

If you know that the temperature will be below freezing, then you will need to make sure that you keep the pool water running. Running water is a lot less likely to freeze. That is why you will need to have it set to where the pool water runs 24 hours a day. If you have a newer pool, then it may have a freeze protector. 

These sensors can detect when the pool water drops below freezing. If the temperature is freezing, then it will keep the water running. 

Other Steps That You Can Take to Prevent the Pool Water From Freezing

  • Keep the filter cleaned.

  • Insulate your plumbing lines.

  • Keep gas and electric heaters away from the pool filter and pool pump.

If you take the steps that are necessary for winterizing your pool, then you will be able to prevent it from suffering damage. Pool damage can put a hole in your wallet. You will be able to save money by being proactive with your pool maintenance.


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