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The Checklist: Swimming Pool Construction

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Undoubtedly, installing a brand new custom swimming pool, especially when many public swimming pools were closed due to health concerns, is an exciting time for families. But like all home renovation and upgrade projects, it takes a significant amount of time and planning to get the perfect pool for your lifestyle.

Your Property - The great thing about custom pools is they can get designed to fit into and compliment any size or type of backyard. Factors that play a role in determining the pool's size and shape include where your property and easement lines lie. To legally install an inground swimming pool, you must be the home and property owner in Texas. If you're renting or leasing a home, you don't have the authority to install a new swimming pool.

Drainage and Elevation - To ensure that your swimming pool isn't likely to flood, drainage and elevation must get accounted for throughout the pool building process.

You want to make sure your pool doesn't become a catching basin for mud, dirt, and other lawn debris.

Planning And Design - When you work with an expert pool builder, they can help with all aspects of your residential custom swimming pool design.

For instance, you most likely want your pool to engulf your entire backyard. The chances are high that you'll want space for your dogs and children to run and play! With efficient and professional planning, you can ensure that your yard meets your other lifestyle requirements.

Other features that add distinction and functionality to your swimming pool area include privacy and security fencing, outdoor living areas, water features, and pool entrance alarms which can all be handled by us here at Hopkins Custom Pools. However the landscape design around your pool is also extremely valuable and must compliment your pool design. We would love to offer our local recommendation for your landscaping Rockwall, TX needs.

Building Permits And Legal Requirements - Before starting most construction projects, including custom pool installation, you must first get a building permit. There are multiple reasons why building permits are needed. Most notably, providing assurance the project site is reasonably safe from hazards and health risks. Further, this permit creates a permanent record of the work getting completed and the results of any preliminary or post-project inspections on the site.

Financing - In 2020, the average cost of a custom inground swimming pool ranged from $28K - $55K. Researching your options and having a plan to finance your new swimming pool helps to expedite your dream faster.

In Texas, you can rely on Hopkins Custom Pools to listen to your wants and needs and evaluate your property to explore solutions that meet as many of them as possible.

Additionally, they'll check your property to ensure you have enough clearance, drainage, and elevation to accommodate the pool you're considering.

By leaving all the details to professionals, you can enjoy your new custom swimming pool and backyard with added confidence.


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