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Which Renovation Installations Do You Need?

Summer is fast approaching and your pool is the piece de resistance of the season.

There’s no better way to enjoy the warmer days than a dip in the pool with friends and family. You can’t, however, just re-open the pool after months of hibernation. The long wait for summer might have resulted in a mix of greenish water, broken tiles, and leaky slides. 

Before you send invites for the first summer party of the season, consider a pool renovation first.


Every pool will need some major work done sooner or later. Doesn’t matter if it’s for practical reasons or cosmetic ones; an element or two will require replacements for better enjoyment. Also, it enhances the value and beauty of your home. 

But what kind of renovations does your pool need? 

Pave the way for a better summer by installing the following must-have remodeling features:


There is nothing better than having a fully functional slide for the young ones and the young at heart. Slides are excellent installations that add doses of fun to swimming pools. Some backyards already have a good one, but if there’s still room for renovation, always welcome change. 

Pool builders provide slides of different shapes, colors, and sizes to complement the home’s landscape design. Chat with your builder to ensure the installations seamlessly integrate with your backyard. 


Proper lighting is essential in most pool renovations. Lights enhance the pool’s aesthetics and safety, making it easy for swimmers see during the night. Make your nighttime dip even safer by installing underwater LED lights.

Planning for summer parties or barbecue blowouts by the pool? Deck lights are ideal for evening gatherings and selfies for the memories. 

Water Features

Transform your dull pool into a tranquil and gorgeous oasis with water features. This summer, liven up the pool with waterfalls and laminar jet installations. The former, for example, is perfect for achieving a completely natural look that promotes relaxation. If you’re looking for a more contemporary style, choose sleek and modern installations. Laminar jets, on the other hand, are perfect with colorful light filters for that “rainbow” effect.

No need to worry about falls or jets compromising the current landscape design. Pool builders can customize these features to suit your backyard and personal style. 

Sun Shelf

Sun shelves are flat, shallow areas in the pool that come with different names: tanning shelf, Baja shelf, or tanning ledge. These installations were once exclusive to high-end resorts and hotels, but who says regular homeowners can’t have them?

Sun shelves are perfect enjoying the sun and water at the same time. You and your family can recline comfortably while you enjoy a good tan. It is also ideal for younger children to acclimate to the water for their first swim. 

Your pool is the star of the show this summer. Make it even better by considering the installations above. 

For more renovation ideas, contact the experts at Hopkins Custom Pools. Serving as THE premier custom pool builders in Dallas & East Texas, our team can transform your pool into a personal oasis. Take that first step and call us today for a free estimate. 


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