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Choosing the Best Pool Coping

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Pool coping helps make the area around your pool look fabulous while providing functionality. Installed in the space between the pool edge and the pool deck, homeowners, property managers, and design-builders have virtually endless options to customize this space.

Pool Coping Made With Brick

Brick is always a classic material to use for pool coping. These days, property owners can choose from a wide selection of brick colors, sizes, and style. Since brick is a durable material, you are sure to enjoy the understated beauty this component adds to your backyard living environment.

Pool Coping Made With Stone

Stone pool coping adds natural beauty to the area surrounding your swimming pool. Property owners and developers have access to a wide variety of stone colors when they work with pool builders to help create their ideal outdoor oasis. In addition to pool coping, stone can get used for creating stunning water features, outdoor kitchen areas, and other landscaping features that add value to the property.

Pool Coping Made With Travertine

Travertine is an ideal material for pool coping for several reasons. The first reason is this stone is cooler to the touch when compared to other stones. The second reason is it offers a high level of slip-resistance, making it safer for wet feet of all ages. Travertine tiling helps to avoid burned feet on hot, sunny days. Travertine is ready for use in a variety of sizes, finishes, and styles, including roman walnut, coral-stone, ivory, ivory swirl, tumbled bullnose, silver, and other finishes that make your pool area look genuinely outstanding.

Pool Coping Made With Concrete

Pool coping in concrete comes in two configurations: poured concrete and precast concrete. Concrete in either form is a durable and long-lasting solution for pool coping requirements. However, in some cases, such as properties with clay soils, the use of concrete may not be recommended. Shifting grounds can cause poured concrete to crack, sometimes in a relatively short period, so this type of pool and coping may not be ideal for all situations. Check out these great ideas for concrete pools. If you don't know if the soil where you want to build a pool is a good fit for concrete, consult with a pool builder.

Consult With Pool Builder Professionals

If you need to remodel or build a new swimming pool in the Rockwall, Texas area, get in touch with Hopkins Custom Pools to discuss your project first. Our experienced team of pool repair, installation, and renovation experts are standing by to answer any questions you have.

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