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Custom Pool Trends For 2018

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Each year, designers come up with new pool trends. People are becoming more creative with the ways that they enjoy their pools. Create countless designs for your pool area using any color and material that exists. Create a solid plan long before you contact pool builders Dallas TX companies. Here are 5 trends to look forward to in 2018.

1. Themes 

A pool theme visualizes the ideas and hobbies that you enjoy most. Building a tropical paradise is a popular theme that can include a mini cabana and palm trees in the yard. Another idea is an ocean theme with the pool being shaped asa fish.

If you have kids, the idea of using themes seems perfect. The pool is the ideal place to host a birthday party or any special event that occurs during the year. In addition to the pool, include decorative patio chairs, tables and floors. With the help of custom pools Dallas TX designers, enhance the look at every angle.

2. Sun Shelves

Sun shelves are the most shallow parts of the pool where you sit comfortably in lawn chairs. Enjoy the water without worrying about getting too wet. It's an area for relaxing, working on suntans and socializing with others in the pool.

3. Small Pools

Small pools are suited for people to avoid the strenuous task of swimming. The pool can be made into any shape with different colors or themes. Build it around a garden or fountain. When designed right, the style surpasses the size.

4. Firelight

Everyone enjoys the warmth and splendor of a fire. Replace torches with fires lit right next to the pool. Use fire pits or bowls that provide illumination all through the night. Nightlights and fire-making devices are common products included with pool builders Dallas TX services.

5. Custom Features

The best Dallas TX pool builders will build your pool using custom-made materials or designs. Using tile, create mosaic pictures that show people, places or things. You can design using tiles that vary by shape or color. 

Some pool owners add stones or pebbles to the floor. Another idea is to add reflective materials like glass tiles, which is enhanced when sunlight reflects off of the finished surface. Custom pools Dallas TX designers have used hundreds of different materials and finishes. They know which ones will best suit your yard.

Many pool owners refuse to settle for generic designs. They want to add more elements to the pool area, such as fire or beach sand. Like them, pay attention to the new trends that are coming out next year. Work with Dallas TX pool builders to enhance the look of an existing pool or build one to your liking.


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