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Custom Pools: Tips for Choosing the Best Placement

If you are a homeowner that is looking to install a custom swimming pool, here are some tips when considering the placement.

Property Traits

The first thing that any pool builder will do when determining the best placement is to asses the land. Your pool will have to be built on level ground. There will need to be enough space to accommodate the size of the pool and equipment. Adequate access will need to be available for the construction process. Underground utilities and city codes can also play a role. These factors can add to the cost of the job. For example, if your property is on a slope, there will need to be more excavation and retaining walls built.

Proximity From The Home

Most people, when building a pool, elect to have it as close to the home as possible. This allows for easy and quick access from the house and can also tie into an existing patio or deck. Although this isn't always the case, other people like to have the pool further away from the home. In these instances, it is good to incorporate an outdoor living area, pool house, or pergola. We also like to recommend the pool still being in the view of the house.

Pool Size

Before you can consider much more, you'll need to determine the size and shape of the pool you desire. This stage can require a lot of input from the homeowner as it will determine the look they wish to achieve. Some people want curved edges and rock formations, while others prefer straight lines and luxurious features.

Choose a Professional Pool Builder

When you are ready to install your custom swimming pool, choose a company that is insured, experienced, have happy customers, and their portfolio can meet the expectations of your vision. Hopkins Custom Pools is a premier pool builder in Rockwall, Texas. Over the years, they have completed many custom pools and have an excellent reputation. Not sure what you need? Give them a call today and learn how they can build the pool of your dreams!


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