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Enjoy Warm Days Poolside with Family and Friends

As the hot summer months are approaching, it's time to start thinking about how you want to spend it. You could, of course, go on a vacation for a few weeks and lounge by the pool soaking up the sun, or you could have a pool installed right in your backyard. Here are five reasons you want to consider installing a pool right where you are. 

1. Keep the kids close, but not indoors

For decades, it has been challenging to get kids away from TV screens. Portable screens on modern electronic devices have made this battle more difficult than ever. While you may not be able to keep them from occasionally glancing at their phone or tablet, a pool is a great way to keep your kids close but get them outdoors. By creating a place your kids can all bring their friends, you can also keep them close to home while giving them plenty of activities to enjoy. 

2. Entertain family and friends

There is little more enticing in the hot summer months than a poolside barbecue or luau. If you want your home to be the entertainment hub of the neighborhood and your extended family, installing a pool can be a great way to make sure you never lack for an abundant guest list. 

3. Create a backyard oasis

Modern pools are more than just a giant hole in the ground filled with water. Today, you can work with a pool builder to create a backyard oasis complete with water features and even lush landscaping and greenery. Enjoy your morning coffee or a Sunday brunch poolside with your family in your private oasis. 

4. Enjoy a weekly mini-vacation right at home

Of course, you'll want to take a summer vacation to some exotic locale, but having a pool right in your backyard can make every weekend feel like its mini-vacation. Even when summer activities are in full swing, starting your day with a leisurely breakfast poolside or even a quick cup of coffee can help get your busy day off to a great start. 

5. Great for physical fitness

With obesity rates on the rise, a pool in your backyard is better than having a gym in your own home. Not only is swimming and playing in the water loads of fun, but it also burns more calories than almost any other form of exercise. Whether you are just splashing leisurely in the pool, swimming laps or doing other strenuous water activities, a pool can give you a full workout and help you stay in shape. 

No matter what size of property you own, there is a pool that is right for you. From lap pools to swim spas, a custom pool builder can help you design just the right pool to fit in the space you have. They can also custom design your pool to blend perfectly with both the architecture of your home as well as the surrounding landscape.


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