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The Importance of Water Circulation

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

The trick to a good swimming pool is proper maintenance. When well maintained, your pool will give you optimal results. If it is not, expect problems. The most important aspect of a pool is water quality. Low-quality water can lead to serious health complications. It can also lead to unnecessary costs. Air circulation is a way of improving water quality. Here are reasons to invest in quality water circulation in your pool.

To improve water odor

Water is alive. It harbors many organisms. Stagnant water allows other microorganisms to use it as a host. For example, insects see an opportunity to lay their eggs. When the water is circulating well, the insects stay away from it.

Besides, water circulation prevents sludge from accumulating in your pool. When sanitizing your pool, your disinfectants will require continuous flow for them to be ejected out of the pool. If there is no flow, they will most likely form deposits on the pool. Some of them develop in other pool equipment such as water pump.

That concoction of sludge and chemical cleaning agents can cause a nasty odor on your pool. With improved circulation, that will not be a problem. You can also shock your pool to effectively remove all the materials that can produce a bad smell.

To improve the quality of water

Regular cleaning and disinfection is a routine swimming pool task. Pool builders recommend a water circulation routine to ensure that all parts of the pool are treated uniformly. You need to enhance circulation even in the dead areas of the pool, such as below skimmers and ladders. You will need to brush these areas regularly.

Without movement, water is a host for a variety of water-borne vectors. Germs and bacteria form the bulk of these organisms. When the water is flowing effectively in and out of the pool, you can filter all the materials that provide these organisms with food.

They cannot survive in the absence of food, which leaves your pool clean. You can swim without fear. Contaminated water is a health hazard. It can cause water-borne diseases, skins problems, and other complications.

To reduce utility costs

A professional pool builder will tell you that poor quality water can cause significant pool damage. It can increase the level of mold and algae growing in dead areas. To remove them, you will need to hire an expert. That will add on your costs.

When water is not circulating correctly, you will use more cleaning chemicals than necessary. You will also use more energy to heat the water. You can save significantly on water and chemical bills if you maintain the circulation system.

You must also practice safe usage practices such as facing at least one of the jets downwards. You should ensure that your return jets give the water a circular motion.


Hopkins Custom Pools encourages you to practice good water circulation habits. If you make it a routine, you will not deal with significant pool problems. You will not need to consult a pool builder frequently.


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