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Keeping Your Pool Clean During Fall

Keeping your pool clean during the summer is challenging enough. If you own a pool or are responsible for cleaning one, then you certainly know how much of an effort you need to put into keeping it clean. It is even harder to keep a pool clean when it is fall. You’ll have to deal with the changing temperatures and an increase in precipitation. Not only that, but you will have to take care of everything that falls into your pool, such as leaves, twigs, insects, and other debris.

We know how hard it can be to keep your pool as clean as possible. We have three quick and easy tips that will help you clean and care for your pool during the fall months.

1. Keeping the Water Balanced

You’ve likely kept up with the water chemistry of your pool while you were continually swimming in it during the summer. However, once the colder months roll around, many pool owners don’t keep up with the water chemistry of their pool like they should. Even though you may not be using your pool as much in the fall, there are a few factors that will cause an imbalance of your pool water. Always check the water chemistry of your pool once a week or more during the fall months. It is especially important to check it after heavy rainfalls to make sure there is no new bacteria or algae growth.

2. Just Keep Skimming

Organic material in your pool will cause the water to turn green or cloudy over time. No one wants to take off their pool covers to discover a mess in their pool. You can buy the best filter, skimmer, and pool cover for your pool and still end up dealing with excess debris floating around. To avoid this problem, regularly check your skimmer baskets and dump out any debris during the fall. You should also skim the pool and vacuum the bottom as much as possible.

3. Trim Your Trees and Bushes

You loved watching those beautiful bushes and trees bloom during the warmer months. Your pool area always looks gorgeous with the surrounding blossoms! However, the fall months are causing petals, branches, leaves, and other debris to fall all over your backyard and into your pool. Get ahead of it this year by trimming your trees, bushes, and plants before they start shedding debris all over the place. In the future, consider planting non-shedding plants around your pool.

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