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Pool Safety For Your Kids

Owning a private custom pool offers families a lot of convenience during the hot summer months. However, this convenience doesn't come without responsibility. No one wants a tragedy to occur, so following and enforcing pool safety rules is critical in or around the swimming pool.

Basic Safety Rules - It can be challenging to contain the energy of excited young swimmers. Regardless, children should be discouraged from running around the pool deck. By preventing children from running, you reduce the chances someone will trip or fall into the water accidentally. Pool decks, particularly wet ones, can be slippery, which increases the odds of a mishap.

Other basic safety rules from a trusted pool builder:

  • Adults should always supervise children swimming in the pool.

  • Pushing and shoving should not be allowed.

  • Electrical appliances should stay away from the water.

  • People under the influence of illicit drugs or highly intoxicated shouldn't be in the swimming pool under any circumstances.

  • Keep the deck area clear of obstacles and potential tripping hazards.

  • First aid kits should be available nearby.

  • Keep kickboards, life-preservers, poles, and ropes within easy reach.

  • Get as many family members as possible certified in CPR.

  • Use a rope to divide the deep end from the shallow end.

  • Check your pool chemicals regularly to keep your water in pH balance.

  • Don't use glassware in or around the swimming pool.

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration in the hot Texas sun.

  • Use sunscreen to block some or all of the sun's UV rays.

Steps You Can Take To Increase Pool Safety

Besides following the common-sense safety suggestions listed above, custom pool builders can help install extra security measures as precautions, including:

  • Installing additional locks on all exterior doors.

  • Constructing privacy or security fences with self-latching or locking doors.

  • Setting up motion detectors that notifies you if a significant change in water pressure is detected.

  • Applying a slip-resistant material to your pool deck area.

  • Adding gate, fence, and door alarms for added security from unauthorized access on your property.

By implementing one or more of these safety precautions, you're taking steps to protect everyone.

Sadly, drownings happen more frequently that you'd like to think. According to, at least 63 children age 17 and under died by drowning in Texas as of early September 2020.

All the steps you take to prevent pool accidents from happening at your home help are worth the expense of not having to feel the pain of losing a loved one.

Pool Safety Is Always A Priority At Hopkins Custom Pools

Hopkins Custom Pools is available to help with all your pool installation, repair, and security needs. We're proud to serve our Rockwall community members and offer free estimates on all our services. Reach out today for a free estimate.


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