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Tips to Improve Your Swimming Pool

It's fantastic to have a swimming pool at your home. During the hot summer months, you have the convenience of cooling off in your backyard. However, if you have an older swimming pool, it might not look as beautiful or as modern as you would like.

Regardless of the reasons why you want to make improvements to your pool, here are a few creative and affordable ways to renovate and renew your pool area.


A dirty pool deck can detract from the beauty of your swimming pool. Powerwashing is an affordable way to wash away dirt, debris, algae, mold, and other contaminants from your pool deck. This project can help your pool decking look like new.

Install LED Lighting

One way to showcase the beauty of a clean, sparkling pool is by illuminating it with colorful LED lighting. The LED light is energy efficient and is available in multiple colors, so your pool is always more festive and safer all season long. This upgrade is one that most homeowners can complete without spending a small fortune.

Pool Resurfacing

Homeowners with a larger budget can consider resurfacing their pool. When resurfacing, a pool builder updates the entire pool area to get it to modern standards. While a larger scale project, the results are noteworthy, adding a lot of extra value to your property. Resurfacing helps your pool look new and fresh, and should get considered as part of your ongoing pool maintenance schedule.

Water Features

Another great way to add distinction and style to your pool area is by adding water features. Fountains, waterfalls, cascades, and scuppers help liven up your pool area. Water features can vary from relatively simple fixtures to ornate, so homeowners can choose which are best for their needs or property.

Saltwater System Upgrade

For people and families who love to swim, exposure to chlorine can be a concern. Luckily, a saltwater system upgrade offers a solution for homeowners who prefer to leave the heavy chemicals out of their swimming pool. Saltwater systems remove the need to use expensive, strong, and harsh chlorine. Unlike chlorine pools, saltwater is gentler on the skin and is 'softer' on swimmer's skin.

Get Help With Your Pool In Rockwall, Texas

Regardless of whether you want to refresh and renew an older pool, or you need help with a new pool project, consider Hopkins Custom Pools. As a professional pool builder serving the Rockwall, Texas area, we help homeowners and commercial pool owners with all of their pool building, renovation, repair, and installations.

Other related projects we can help with include outdoor living area construction, and customized water features to build your outdoor oasis.

Call today for your free estimate. Financing options are available.


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