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Things Pool Builders Sometimes Don't Tell You

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

If you're thinking about adding a swimming pool to your backyard, there are many details to consider before breaking ground. The pool business is very competitive, and pricing often plays a significant role in determining which pool builders in Rockwall, Texas, homeowners choose.

Unfortunately, some less than ethical pool builders underbid the project to win the bid, but once the project gets started, they request more money to pay for gravel, stone, rebar, or other supplies.

Honest pool contractors often lock in pricing based on their original estimate and charge by the linear or square foot - pricing by labor hours or the volume of materials needed leaves a lot of room for extra charges. Other unforeseen complications, including hitting water or rock, should also get included in the full contract.

Finer points that shouldn't get overlooked include:

Expansion Joint Caulking - Pool areas with concrete decking need thirty days to cure and set. After this time, the contractor should return to caulk and seal the expansion joints for no extra fee.

Pool Supplies - The pool contractor you're working with should include sufficient chemicals for you to open and maintain your swimming pool for some time.

Adequate Pool Deck Area - Typically, the standard three-foot pool deck apron is a building point for the rest of your decking. If you want a more significant pool deck surrounding your pool, pool builders in Rockwall Texas can increase the concrete, paver, or flagstone to extend the sides another four feet, and the ends by six feet.

Pool Cover is A Necessity - Even if you decide not to get a pool heater in your pool, a pool cover isn't an accessory you don't want to go without having. A solar pool cover captures the sun's heat to help keep the temperature of your pool warmer. Further, it prevents a barrier to help keep unwanted debris, such as leaves from getting in your pool, which makes daily maintenance more manageable.

Chlorinated And Salt Pools Cost About The Same - In the long run, the expenses for maintaining a chlorinated or a saltwater pool end up costing about the same. Factors you'll need to consider when deciding which pool is right for you is whether you prefer a pool with chemically treated vs. softer water.

Don't Suffer From The Summertime Blues

If you're a homeowner that wants to make the Texas summer more enjoyable, now is the perfect time to contact Hopkins Custom Pools to discuss your project. As a locally owned and operated company, you can rely on our family of professional pool builders to create the outdoor swimming pool oasis of your dreams, and help you beat the summertime blues forever!


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